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30th Aug 2017

The new point system will be based off of a player stand point not a tribe standpoint. All members will be starting with a point count of 600 points once they create an account and join the website and I can add points to their profile. If an account is not created I will not be able to add points to a profile and that player will not be able to earn points.

There are several ways a person can earn points. First off is by trading in items.

Alpha Trophies - 50 points

Artifacts - 150 points each (can only turn in 1 of each artifact per week)

Implants - 50 points (must be from enemy tribe not from fellow tribemates)

Blueprints - each

Ramshackle - 10 points
Apprentice - 25 points
Journeyman- 50 points
Master Craft - 100 points
Ascendant - 200 points

Zone Controlled - 150 points per day ( zones coming soon )

Good Luck and Have fun

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Last Edit: 8th Sep 2017 by LeastShadowMatt
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