Black opps 3 1 VS 1
Black opps 3 1 VS 1
Scheduled Start:
3:00 PM Sun 20th Dec 2015
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Elimination
Entrance Fee:

So the tournament is over and it has been decided the next tournament will be a 1 vs 1 in COD Black Ops 3. There will be a real prize this time in the form of money for your microsoft account. It will be $15 given via a code from the back of the gift card it is on. The winner will also recieve an award on the web site. Make sure you get on and sign up while you can there are only 8 spots for this tournament.

20th Dec 2015

Congrats to the winner StreetSniper and good job as it was very close to the runner up RELENTLESSDAKO. A new poll will be posted by tomorrow for what type of tournament we will have next. Make sure to get your vote in so you can choose what we do next.

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